10 Habits Men Should Leave Behind Before Turning 30 Years


It is required for all men to learn and grow as each year passes in his life. Elevating yourself to a new level of thinking is important as you are growing older. The way you think reflects the level of maturity you possess and this can shape your entire lifestyle. When you get near the age of 30, a lot is expected from you and so it is important to leave behind certain habits so that you can adjust your lifestyle to a more matured level of thinking and acting.

When you are getting older, it is probably the right time to look at your own health a bit more closely. Certainly, eliminating the consumption of fast food is not completely needed but you can definitely learn to only eat them in moderation and learn to cook your own healthier meals. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet; learn to prepare more exotic and healthy meals which can benefit you more.



Most teenagers and men in their early twenties love to binge drink. However, this habit generally fades as you grow older. The faster you act the better it is since a habit that has been controlling you for so long can be tough to eliminate.



Bar fights may sound cool for a young adult, but if you are in your 30s and are getting into fights, it will just make you look daft. Learn to sort things out with someone in a more civilised manner. Either you can just talk to resolve the issue or walk away.



Playing video games is a great way to pass time and men love it. Due to the rise of android apps, guys can play games anywhere with their smartphones when they have to wait around for something and so it’s easy to keep boredom at bay. However, if you get caught up in too much playing video games where you are not able to accomplish important life goals, then this addictive behavior has to be stopped.



If you are working at a company where you don’t like the job and see no future in it, you need to re-think a bit. It is probably ok in your 20s to not care much but when you are in your 30s, it is important to know yourself and your dreams better and work towards things that make you happier. Long term planning is quite essential for you to progress further.



It is usual for men to have commitment issues in their 20s. They usually do not want to settle down with a woman so early when they believe they still have a lot to experience in life. This is true but when you reach 30, it is perhaps time to settle down and be more committed with someone. This is a new chapter of life and it will be a different level of experience and fun with the person you love.



30s is definitely not the time to look cool and seek attention from people. Those days of reckless driving, not caring about the traffic, playing loud music and yelling at others are gone. If you still feel that way, you shouldn’t really be allowed behind the wheel and it’s time to grow up.

20s is the time of not caring and being “invincible.” But when you get to 30s, you have to start caring since a lot of health issues can slow you down. Don’t act childish and skip doctor’s appointments thinking your body is a temple – health problems don’t go away by itself and nobody is immune.
When you go to a restaurant with someone to eat, do not think about how to split the bill. Mature people find this incredibly cheap and annoying. As an adult, you should have the decency to offer to pay for both of you. If you are with someone independent and who is worth their salt, they’ll either prefer to split the bill or will return the favour the next time.



Nightclubs are for underage teenagers with fake IDs these days. If you are in your thirties and going to the nightclubs often, you won’t even fit in anymore. Instead, consider going to the movies or perhaps for an intimate dinner at a nice restaurant. Be classier in your living approach.

Thirties is the time to change and experience a different approach to life. This does not mean that all your fun will go away but this time your fun will be more diverse which resembles a different sort of excitement.