32 Schools In South Africa Are Affected By Coronavirus cases

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According to the Education MEC, Debbie Schäfer quite a number of schools and teachers affected by the deadly Coronavirus in South Africa.

This was revealed as the country gears to reopen schools on Monday.

The schools are in Western Cape and the number of schools affected by the virus is a whopping 32.

In a recent submission, Schäfer said;

“Our staff is under enough stress without their individual schools being named in the media, which will also lead to further enquiries and added pressure.

In addition, simply giving figures in the absence of any context or relevant factual information is not helpful, and could further aggravate the anxiety. Each case will have unique facts associated with it, which the schools will manage.

Parents and staff at a school have the right to know about any case at their particular school, and thus schools are expected to keep staff and parents informed of the developments related to Covid-19, and the steps that have been taken to ensure their safety.

In many of the cases, the staff member has not even returned to school since schools reopened as they fell ill before returning.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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