5G will make countries competitive and connected


Director of Public Affairs at Huawei, Chris Pereira has indicated that “5G is going to bring
connectivity and competitiveness to countries who deploy 5G faster in terms of the
industrial applications.”

According to him, with 5G technology, “truly full connection around the world is going to
become a reality and a possibility for the first time,” and admonished that the states that
take the initial step will benefit the most.

Chris Pereira was speaking exclusively to citinewsroom.com at the graduation ceremony of the 2019 edition of the Huawei Seeds formed and to the Future programme.

He added that, “We are the only company in the world capable of delivering end to end solutions for 5G and we want to share that with the world.”

With internet connectivity in Africa limited by low levels of computer literacy, poor infrastructure and high costs of internet, Chris believes the company’s rural innovations can bridge the gap.

“We (Huawei) connect them through solutions such as rural star, which is a solution which
brings affordable internet to smaller communities in Africa.”

The global technology race appears unrelenting. According to 2018 European Commission
Industrial R&D Investment Ranking, the top 4 technology companies, Samsung, Alphabet (parent company of Google) Microsoft, Intel, Apple and Huawei were responsible spending in excess of $70.7bn in research and development, alone.

It is no wonder majority of the world’s leading consumer electronics and enterprise solutions come from these companies.

The competition remains fierce among them. A common thread, however, is the mission to expand the frontiers of communications across the globe to ensure increased market share and profits. One of the major cornerstones of this mission is the deployment of 5G technology on a global scale.

Those battle lines were made even more prominent in May 2019 when President Trump placed Chinese technology company Huawei on the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security List.

This barred Huawei from US communications networks. At the heart of this was the race for 5G technology deployment.

Philip Kofi Ashon

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