5yrs Ago, This Nollywood Star Was Shot 6 Times But He Still Survived- See His Recent Photos

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It does mean a lot to narrowly escape death which stares at you gloomily in the face. That brings us to the tale of Nollywood actor, Igwe Tupac- real name Charles Okocha who had a close shave with death five years ago.

As reported when the news broke out back in 2015, the actor miraculously survived 6 gunshots when a policeman shot him at close range in Asaba, Delta State. He narrated his harrowing experience with the Sun in an interview detailing what happened. Here’s he said:

I stepped out of the wedding venue to receive a call and then walked into a bunch of fans that made some complimentary remarks. As I was talking, I saw two guys standing by an Autobiography Range Rover. They were waving and hailing me. I realized they were my fans so after taking my call, I went to meet them and we exchanged pleasantries and then got talking.

One of the guys pointed at the white Range Rover and said ‘Igwe Tupac, this is my jeep. I just bought it. It is an Autobiography Range Rover. I am getting married in three days time. Igwe Tupac, what will it take for you to attend my wedding?’ I was like ‘congrats but we can’t talk here. Let us exchange numbers’. While that was going on, a gun totting policeman came out of the compound and joined us. Probably he had been watching me all the while at the event. He barged into us and was like ‘oh boy, I like this guy’s film’.

He was obviously a fan, so I felt compelled to listen to him. He kept blabbing that he had all my films. At a point, I was beginning to get tired, so I stepped aside. But he came right after me and said ‘bros, na you I de talk to. Okay, let me throway one for you, to salute you. I be one of your biggest fans’.

Before I knew it, he had cocked his gun and fired into the air. I almost went deaf from the gunshot. However, he was probably drunk and lost control of his rifle, which was in rapid mode. The guy who was getting married in three days’ time was hit in the ribs but he didn’t know. His friend was asking him, ‘were you shot?’ He said no but he was wrong! He had a bullet in the ribs and he died a shot while after. Sadly, that was the end of his marriage plans.

I never even knew I had been shot at that point in time but later I found out that my intestines were sticking out, and I passed out. It’s a miracle that I survived at all. It was by the sheer grace of God. Five bullets pierced my abdomen and another one hit my leg and yet I survived, but the guy who was getting married took one bullet and died. I have only God to thank for this new lease of my life.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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