A total lock-down may increase crime rate in Ghana…Reality check


The rate at which coronavirus is proliferating in Ghana is very high. Following this surge in figures over the past few weeks, many including experts are proposing a total lock-down as the best ever solution to help tame the virus. Ghana Medical Association equally added their voice in support of the lock down.

Their concerns may however be genuine medically but they failed to consider social factors that may end up creating a whole different problem(s) in our attempt to solve one. A total lockdown means, almost every business activity will come to a standstill.

However, the reality on the ground is that, many Ghanaians are already living below the poverty line with many working from hand to mouth.

Restricting business activities and movement will stop the source of revenue for majority of these people who are mostly breadwinners. This will worsen their situation. Moreover, our government does not have the financial muscle to fund a daily allowance for almost thirty million people like the advanced countries are doing for their citizens.

Consequently, the lack of basic necessities like food, water, clothing, etc coupled with a neglect by the government could trigger the survival instincts of every human being. Those who do not have and cannot cope with the stress may be forced out to take from those they perceive as rich and having in abundance.

We need to have a general conversation on our situation and tailor a solution to suit it. Else, we may end up plundering this country into a state of disorder. As the saying goes, the devil always find work for idle hands. Let us copy wisely.

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