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Aar Ya Paar Trailer: Aditya Rawal-Led Series to Stream December 30 on Disney+ Hotstar

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Aar Ya Paar, a new Hotstar Specials, just got its full-length trailer and release date. After unveiling the first look during Disney+ Day in September, Disney+ Hotstar has now revealed extended plot details for the Aditya Rawal-led series, which follows a tribe member on a quest for revenge against forces of the modern world. The quaint lifestyle of a primitive village is disrupted by city-dwellers looking to extract uranium for profit, waging war against the tribe in heinous ways. This kickstarts a back-and-forth killing spree among both parties, with our protagonist even heading out on an adventure across the globe, seeking vengeance. Aar Ya Paar releases December 30 on Disney+ Hotstar.

The trailer for Aar Ya Paar opens with an introduction to the Degohati tribal village and our protagonist Sarju (Rawal), who can be seen leaping off waterfalls and hunting fish. “Every single tree, every single creature, coexists with us in harmony,” an unseen narrator referring to the village folk. “The only thing they’re scared of is the demon on the other side of the river.” This is, of course, in reference to people living in the city — the modern world — who’ve been circling around the forest for a while now, hoping to extract precious minerals. “You see this area? I want this entire land,” Ashish Vidyarthi’s (Rudra: The Edge of Darkness) character says, presumably leading the excavation mission in the forest. Unfortunately for him and his crew, the tribe hates outsiders, especially ones that meddle with the wellbeing of the ecosystem.

“They drink water from this river, right?” the cigarette-smoking antagonist says, as the Aar Ya Paar trailer shows visuals of his crew poisoning the water body. Indeed, this leads to death in the community, causing the warriors in the tribe to stay on high alert, anticipating a direct attack in the future. While not explicitly mentioned, Patralekha (City Lights) seems to be playing a medical professional, of sorts, offering to help the victims affected by the pollution. “Let’s add a twist to the story. Let’s make things interesting,” Vidyarthi narrates, as a group of mercenaries, equipped with modern weaponry, lead an attack on the village and its people. “Take me there, to those people,” Sarju pleads to the outside helper, who now has even more patients to care for.

The Aar Ya Paar trailer then cuts to show a montage of fight sequences, as Sarju uses the tools and skillsets he has honed over the years in the forest, to exact revenge on those who hurt his family. “Who is behind these murders? Who is planning this?”, a perplexed police officer, played by Sumeet Vyas (Jugaadistan) says, whose team members are being hunted as well. Helping Sarju in his crusade is Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s (Rocket Boys) character, who is glad to have found his “Eklavya.” It’s his voice in the phone call, that we heard during the opening segments of the teaser, from back in September. “The people who have destroyed the jungle, I know all of them,” he tells Sarju. “But you need to promise me, that you’ll kill all of them.”

“When two different worlds collide, they often lead to conflict and chaos. Hotstar Specials’ Aar Ya Paar is a story that revolves around a unique collision brought about by the human spirit and survival in a world of greed and power,” showrunner and producer Sidharth Sengupta said in a prepared statement. “The series has multiple character arcs, differentiated storytelling and brilliant actors to narrate the story.” Aar Ya Paar also stars Aasif Sheikh (Bharat), Shilpa Shukla (Chak De! India), Varun Bhagat, and Nakul Sehdev.

Aar Ya Paar premieres December 30 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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