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Akatsi North: Residents Raise Concerns Over Abandoned Projects

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Abandoned Project

Some residents of Ave-Dakpa in the Akatsi North District of the Volta region are raising concerns over what they described as feet dragging on the part of the authorities, especially the district assembly to commission and operationalise completed projects for the benefit of the people of the area.

One of the residents and a member of the “Voice of Ave-Dakpa,” a community watch group who spoke on behalf of the residents on condition of anonymity, told News Ghana that, for some unexplained reason, infrastructure projects that have been completed for over 3 years now, have been abandoned and left uncommissioned to serve the needs of the people of the district.

The residents mentioned projects like: Ave-Dakpa Magistrate Court Complex and Bungalow for the district judge, Ave Traditional Council office project, AVESCO Basic School Classroom project and Ave Senior High School Bus parking shade as some of the projects which have long been completed but not commissioned.

They also mentioned the popular Ave Crocodile Resort Centre as having been abandoned for sometime now, depriving the area of the needed revenue usually generated from tourist visits to the resort.

The residents wonder what could be the motive behind the lakerdaisical attitude of the assembly towards the commissioning of these projects.

“One wonders what is the motivating factor for the assembly to refuse to commission these projects all these while – these are government projects built with state funds and are being left to rot away. Its really disturbing and you get no answers from those in charge of these projects,” the residents lamented.

The residents believe that either the projects were being left to rot away to discredit the government of the day for some parochial interests, or something is wrong somewhere.

The residents appealed to the Akatsi North District assembly to take immediate steps to commission the said projects, to server the purpose for which they were originally built, as the area was lagging behind in terms of developmental projects and infrastructure for state institutions as compared to other districts in the Volta region.

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