Akuapem Poloo threatens to deal with the lady who fought her in public

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Akuapem Poloo has threatened to make the world a living hell for the lady who attacked her in public over allegations that she has snatched her husband.

News emerged yesterday that Akuapem Poloo has been accused of snatching someone’s husband in public.

In a video sighted, Poloo is seen walking with a young man and it looked like they were returning from somewhere they had gone together.

An unknown woman out of nowhere met them and questioned why she was hanging out with her husband.

The yet-to-be-identified woman was getting too physical with Akuapem Poloo making the man who has been identified as King Mondo to hold back her from creating a scene.


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However reacting to this, Akuapem Poloo in a post on social media intends to beat the unknown lady to stupor whenever she meets her as she has started gym session to get her more fit to carry out her plan.

As stated in the post she shared online, Akuapem Poloo revealed that her anger at the lady is not about the sudden attack but a radio station calling her earlier this morning while she was asleep to interview her on the incident.

Taking to Instagram Poloo wrote; Her energy alone kills lol  so they say they will beat me right @kingmondomusic tell that lady who attacked me yesterday I’m not done with her maybe she will go back to UK TODAY she made Radio  station called me this morning while I’m asleep”

See screenshot below;


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