Akuapim Poloo in serious trouble as NGO threatens court action against her over nude photo with son


Ghanaian video vixen, actress and social media commentator, popluarly known as Akuapim Poloo has landed herself into a big trouble succeeding her infamous naked pictures with her son on his birthday which held her fans spellbound and erupted an unanticipated contention on the Ghanaian internet community.

After been bombarded with ceaseless backlashes and synchronous insults by critics on the W3, Poloo was forbye invited by the CID department for questioning.

Latest on this contemporary hubbub raging through the jungly Ghanaian internet community, is a petition by the NGO (CHILD RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL) to the director general of the CID department to rigorously investigate irksome female celebrity (Rosmeond Browns) viral nude picture with her son.

This petition was spearheaded by their executive director Mr Appiah Bright.

Kindly take a look at CHILD RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL letter to the director general of the CID department below

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