Alhaji Grunsah damages GFA Presidential ambitions with ‘goro boys’ attack


Sports News of Friday, 6 September 2019


Alhaji Karim Grunsah

Alhaji Grunsah’s hopes of becoming the new Ghana FA President have been severely dented by his attack on one of the major blocs within the federation with the Regional Football Associations (RFAs) vowing to ‘teach him a lesson’ at the polls.

The Extraordinary Congress of the Ghana FA had some chaotic scenes on Thrusday after President of King Faisal Football club described the chairmen of the RFAs as the ‘goro boys’ of Ghana Football.

This has not only angered the the RFA chairmen but on the congress ground voters decried the attack on their colleagues with some describing it as ‘unpresidential’.

This is a clear indication that voters will not be considering him when they cast their votes while the RFAs have already had a meeting to decide not to support him if he picks his forms to contest the election.

There has been a proposal to reduce the number of the RFAs in the Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association which is yet to approved by the RFA chairmen are strongly against the idea.

The proposal to reduce their numbers on the Exco is seen as measure to reduce their power and influence.

Outspoken football administrator described the RFA chairmen as ‘goro boys’ which is a local name used to describe middle men who work for people in either higher authority for favors.

This was strongly opposed by the RFA chairmen at the Congress leading to the program coming to a halt.

Alhaji Grunsah later apologized to the Congress for the word used on the RFA chairmen.

The Ghana FA is meeting at an extra ordinary congress for the first time after the Anas Expose on June 12.

The Congress, under the supervision of the Normalization Committee, is expected to adopt a new Statutes for the FA.

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