Angel Obinim spends millions to construct a major road in Kumasi (Watch Video)


Bishop Obinim has started the construction of the road from Kenyasi to Bosore where he has the Kumasi branch of his church located.

Already, Obinim claims to have spent many millions of cedis and he is appealing for support in 100 cedi contributions – Obinim revealed this in a video captured from one of his TV stations The founder of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim is funding the construction of a major road in Kumasi.

The road is from Kenyasi to Bosore, where Obinim has a church, is costing the popular preacher millions of cedis.

In a video aired on his personal television station, Obinim explained the decision to bankroll the construction of the road, which he said was in terrible shape. Bishop Daniel Obinim claims to have spent millions on the construction of the Kenyasi to Bosore road Photo source: Supplied The bishop said although he often used the road once or twice in a week, God touched his heart to fix it.

“In fact, the road from Kenyasi to Bosore is not good at all. It’s a very, very bad road. It’s really a terrible road. “In Ghana, one of our major problems is bad roads, but it’s not everything we can leave for the government to do. So, God touched my heart to construct the road,” he said in the Twi language.

Obinim said work on the project was progressing steadily, noting he had finished the first phase, which involved leveling the road and constructing gutters along it. The second phase, which involved tarring the road, was continuing, he said.

The bishop said the gutters along the side of the road and two bridges on the road had been very costly to build. He said after completing the gutter, he bought more than 1000 trips of sand for over GH₵ 1 million. Obinim said although the cost of the project continued to rise, no one living in the area had offered to assist him.

He said: “There are many wealthy men living in Bosore. Some are MPs; some are assemblymen; some are chiefs; some are even queen mothers. Yet, none of them has come to me to say, ‘Bishop’ or ‘Angel, take one cedi to aid the construction of the road’”.

Obinim, therefore, appealed to his church members and the public to donate towards the construction of the road. The bishop, who recently claimed the ability to go into the spiritual realm to steal money and then convert it into physical cash, said in the video that he had chosen not to use spiritual funds for the project because he wanted the public to share in its blessings. “Given the huge cost involved in the project, I going to need your support.

I could go the spiritual realm to take money and transfer it into physical for the construction of the road, but if I do that, you won’t get blessings,” he said, urging people to donate at least 100 cedis to the cause.


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