Apostle Safo reveals why he commands Rainbows anytime,& how rainbows fenced him when he was a baby (Video)


As part of Apostle Emeritus Prof. Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo widely known as ‘The African Star’ aka Kantanka’s birthday celebration 2019, he climaxed the celebration at his birth place and Hometown in the Asante Region of Ghana, called Assumeja, in the Bekwai District.

Apostle Safo stormed his town with a massive birthday party held Thursday, 22nd of August 2019 with food and clothes.

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During the event, Apostle Safo had already prepared food for over 17,000 people in the entire township including his birth town Essumeja, Safokrom, Dominase, Konkoli, Boaman, Kyeransa, Sumkyirekrom, Sefwi and other towns in the Bekwai Districts.

Over 1300 clothes which were already assembled at the event was shared among all the old women, widowers and other people from the said town.

During the occasion, one significant event that occurred was when Apostle Safo, portraying his great God’s given powers over nature, ordered Rainbows to appear at the venue to prove his genuine God’s powers in him to his own people at his hometown.

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He revealed that Rainbows fenced him when he was a baby, and has the power to order it’s appearance any time he deems it right.

Click on the link below to check full video of how he orthorised rainbows to appear again at the event:

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