Apostle Safo sets record with his organic pesticide that kills army worms instantly BUT not harmful to human (Video)


Apostle Emeritus Prof. Dr Ing. Kwadwo Kwadwo Safo, Founder and Leader of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, and the Kantanka Group, has developed another mind blowing organic pesticides purposely to get rid of harmful army worms to improve crop yields to feed the country’s ever-growing population.

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The organic pesticides which was made by Apostle Safo and his team of researchers at his farmland at Gomoa Odemo, in the Central Region of Ghana kills the harmful insect army worms few minutes of its application.

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Apostle Safo made his team to explain in a video already circulating on Social Media that, the organic pesticides which he made at his farm is not harmful to human as compared to the imported chemical pesticides from Brazil, which had side effect anytime farmers got in contact with them.

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Watch full video to check out how Apostle Safo made the organic pesticides, and how they applied for it to work perfectly at the farm land:

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