Apostle Safo talks about how he does Astra projection to move Soul out of body to make his inventions (Video)


Founder and leader of Kristo Asafo church of Ghana widely known as Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo, aka the African Star, has finally revealed to Ghanaians how he has been able to do alot of inventions through the movement of his Soul out of body, in which most people call it Astra Projection to make his inventions.

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Apostle Safo is well known with his mind blowing technologies ranging from electrical, electronics, automobile, herbal medicine, aircraft and host of other great inventions to prove the rich capabilities of the black man.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview on Kantanka TV with Afia Katimpo, the genius technologist made it known, he has been working very hard for over 38 years without Ghanaian government support, but not ready to quit until his vision of making Ghana and Africa the hub centre of technology is achieved in this world.

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Click on the link below to watch full interview and check out what he said about how he does his astra projection:

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