Apostle Safo tells how he fed over 30,000 Liberia deportees to Ghana with 10 cooking pots of rice in 1991 (Video)


Rome they say was never built in a day, and the mighty and wonder works of the living Legend of our time, known in real life as Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo, aka African Star wasn’t started today.

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One of the trending videos from the great studio library of Apostle Safo monitered by Ghananewss.com, was seen the African Star telling how he single handedly fed over 30,000 deported Liberians to Ghana in 1991.

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According to Apostle Safo, during the civil war in Liberia, a great number of their citizens were shipped to Ghana for refuge. He continued, “I was the only one who fed them every morning and evening”.

“The first badge of people in the ship were 12,000, later another 17,000 and 11,000 also joined, and i never stopped feeding them for a number of days”.

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Click on the link below to watch full Video how Apostle Safo narrated the incident in 1991:


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