Apostle Safo’s Zebra gives birth to Unusuąl baby after mating with a Donkey from his Kantanka Zoo (Video)


There is another great surprised which has been seen from the Kantanka Suaye Centre, specifically from Apostle Safo Zoo located at Gomoa Mpota, in the Central Region of Ghana.

Apostle Prof. Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo, who happens to be the founder of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, is said to be a lover of animals. When you visit his working site at Gomoa Mpota, he has different variety of animals ranging from Porcupines, Kotoko, Ostriches, Parrot, Camels, Horses, Zebras, Tortoise, Hawks and host of others.

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In a video already trending on Ebo Safo TV on Youtube was seen a zebra-donkey hybrid, where a Zebra there has given birth to unsual baby after mating with one of the Donkeys at the Kantanka Zoo.

According to close sources when Ebo Safo TV Crew got in touch with the management of the Zoo, they made it known that, Apostle Safo once had six zebras with three females and three males.

But unfortunately they lost all the three males remaining the females. They also made it known that, they also lost the female donkeys remaining the males once. After some time, they release the Donkey has been crossing the Zebra, in which it later gave birth to a zebra – donkey hybrid after 12 months of pregnancy.

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The baby zebra at the Kantanka Zoo has both the head and the body just like the Donkey, with the legs having the stripes like the mother zebra, which makes for a striking creature.

The zebra and her baby zonkey are “thriving” in their new habitat, as a video was captured in which both the zebra, and its offspring having great time.

Watch video below: