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Appeal For Annoh-Dompreh to go unopposed could weaken the NPP – Polling Station Executives

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Polling Station Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Nsawam Adoagyiri have formally address a recent press release issued by a group referring to themselves as members of the alleged “V-24 group” on one hand and “Brave 66” on the other hand.

According to the Polling Station Executives, the NPP as a political party has not officially inaugurated any group under the name “V-24,” hence questioned the legitimacy of the group.

In a Press Release they issued, they averred that all Members of Parliament (MPs) in Ghana, including those affiliated with the NPP, are diligently working to enact relevant laws and secure beneficial projects for their constituencies.

They said, “Attempting to impose a single candidate, as implied by the appeal for Hon. Annoh-Dompreh to go uncontested, could potentially weaken the party’s position within the constituency. Therefore, we urge all stakeholders to consider the broader implications and recognize the significance of fostering internal democracy.”

“The NPP remains committed to a fair and democratic electoral process, where the voice of every citizen is heard and respected. We encourage members, supporters, and the general public to remain vigilant against misinformation and to rely on verified official channels for accurate information about the NPP’s activities and structures within Nsawam.”

“Furthermore, both the Constitution of Ghana and the NPP’s constitution mandate a democratic electoral process every four years, where citizens have the right to choose their leaders through open and transparent means. Any attempts by unauthorized groups, sub-chiefs, or their agents to infringe upon the rights of the people, particularly polling station executives, and hinder their ability to make choices, may inadvertently lead to voter apathy. It is imperative that we respect the principles of democracy and ensure the will of the people prevails.”

They stated that the recent electoral challenges were not the result of contested elections, but largely influenced by concerns surrounding Frank Annoh Dompreh’s conduct and his relationship with constituents, but the NPP prides itself on its democratic principles and believes in upholding these values.

These executives said the party encourages healthy competition since that will not only strengthens their democratic foundations but also ensures that elected representatives resonate with the will of the people.

Also, they noted that a press conference held by “Brave 66,” where over 120 delegates expressed their support for a contest, firmly rejecting any attempts to run unopposed, saying that this demonstration of diverse opinions within the party underscores the necessity for an inclusive and participatory process.

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