Asew’ is the biggest, most popular song I’ve ever done as a musician

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Popular Highlife artiste and singer, Bisa Kdei has disclosed in an interview with Amansan Krakye that despite his numerous hit songs, ‘Asew’ which was released in 2018 is the biggest of all so far.

“Asew is my biggest song so far but when I say it a lot of people get surprised. When I say Asew it’s my biggest song people get amazed but I don’t only focus on Ghana alone,” he said.

Bisa Kdei revealed on the Kastle Entertainment Show that aside from how viral his Asew song has travelled, it is the song that has made him generate the most income through the streams on the various platforms.

He added “If I tell you the places and extent to which the song has gotten to you’ll be surprised. Asew has gone far to the point that it has also brought me a good income and besides it’s topping my streams.

“If you go on the internet Asew is topping and I’m not talking about YouTube alone but I mean on the other platforms like spotify and co my Asew song is the biggest,” he stated on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

Bisa Kdei born Ronald Kwaku Dei Appiah recently revealed that he was contacted via email by the movie producers of Jingle Jangle to do a remix of ‘Asew’ for the Netflix Christmas movie. Krakye/2021

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