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Ashawo clashes with a customer who paid her with a fake phone months ago

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It was a scene to behold as a commercial sex worker known popularly as Ashawo clashed with one of her customers who bonked her and gave her a fake mobile phone.

The incident which happened in Kumasi saw the prostitute hassling the man and asking him to pay her the money owed her after their affair some four (4) months ago.

According to the lady, she engaged in sexual intercourse with the man some four months ago and they agreed on an amount of GHc50.

But during their intercourse, the man who was enjoying the act unfortunately burst his condom which also attracted a penalty of another Ghc 50.

The lady explained that after all was done, the man pleaded with her that he didn’t have any extra cash and wanted to give out his phone as collateral which she agreed.

She later got to know the phone was fake and since then she didn’t see him again until four months later when she saw him in front of a store and decided to approach him to take her money from him.

In the video available, the man tried his best to deny any wrongdoing but the people who had been attracted to the scene urged him to pay the lady to avoid any more issues.

Watch the video below:

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