Audit Service Board cannot control Auditor-General – Prof Asare

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A Fellow at the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) Ghana has argued that the Audit Service Board cannot control the work of the Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo.

According to Professor Stephen Asare, the 1992 Constitution clearly defines the roles of the two bodies.

The Accountant popularly known as Kweku Azar condemned the interference of the Board Chairman in the matters of the Auditor General.

“The board of the Audit Service cannot control the Auditor General because the Auditor General is independent of everyone including the board.

“The Constitution creates a one-man auditor General and a one-man Auditor General’s office in article 187 A. The Audit Service Board is something different from Article 189.”

“The bigger problem is the Board Chairman of the Audit Service who is at the Auditor-General’s office micro-managing,” he told Samson Lardy Anyenini on JoyNews’ Newsfile programme, Saturday.

Professor Asare explained that Auditor-General is independent of all public institutions and answerable to the courts, Parliament and the public only and not the president.

However, he noted that Daniel Domelevo is not above the law although must not be controlled by anybody.

The CDD Fellow stated, “Auditor-General, unlike most people, is directly employed by the people of Ghana and accountable only to Parliament. It will make no constitutional and audit sense that the Presidency oversees the work of the Auditor-General”.

The door locks to the office of the Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo, were changed while he was on leave.

The move came as a surprise to Mr Domelevo when he supposedly went to the office to pick up his copy of the constitution.

Following this development, there have been various arguments on the necessity of the move and whether the Auditor-General had any cause to visit his office while on leave.



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