Ayisha Modi shares throwback picture of herself spending on Obrafour at a mall

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Ayisha Modi in an Instagram post has spat fire at rapper Obrafour after the latter sued her and Delay for Ghc800,000.

Ayisha Modi and Obrafour are involved in what is likely to be settled in a courtroom after Stonebwoy’s fiery fan made some allegations against the legendary rapper on the Delay Show.

Speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manso famously known as Delay, the lady who goes by the name She_Loves_Stonebwoy mentioned that she contributed $45,000 into one of Obrafour’s albums and ended up recouping nothing from her investment.

The album she says had the hit song Kasiebo which featured Guru on it.

Ayisha made this revelation while speaking on how much she has supported artists in the music industry.

Apparently, her statement did not go down very well with Obrafour as with his team, he threatened to sue Ayisha if she didn’t apologise and retract her statement.

The combative Ayisha likewise threatened to go down deep with the rapper if he was ready to thread that path.

However, she has in a post on Instagram shared a throwback picture from 11 years ago of herself and Obrafour in the company of a few other friends sprayed more dirt on the Hiplife legend.

With the caption, ” These ungrateful people are the reason why the industry bleeds no investor wants to invest in this industry anymore. 11 years ago with @iamobrafour at Bayshore Mall and pls everything was paid by me at his mall.?????. Wicked souls. ???????. This matter go chop hot ?”, Ayisha claimed that she had taken Obrafour shopping in Canada and paid for everything he got.


Ayisha Modi Instagram post

If Obrafour and his team’s suit is anything to go by then this post could further be used to support their case.

However, the unofficial PRO for Stonebwoy rather seems unperturbed and is bent on proving that the rapper is indeed ungrateful.

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