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Big Chante Releases Latest Single ‘Tom Tom’ (Check Out)

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Big Chante, a multi-talented artist, is back and ready to impress the music industry again with his newly signed record label, Ashtown Records International. His journey in music began in secondary school and took a professional turn in 2004, making him a household name in the Ghanaian music scene with his enthralling beats and inspiring lyrics.

Previously signed under Speech Production/Records Label and a member of the Akesifour music group, Big Chante has had a fruitful career. Their debut album “African Girl” in 2006 won Best Reggae Song at the Ghana Music Awards. His unique style, blending African rhythms with modern sounds, has distinguished him in the industry.

In 2010, Big Chante ventured on a solo career and experimented with different stage names, finally settling on Big Chante. His unique sound and powerful performances have earned him a dedicated fan base.

Recently, Big Chante has been making waves with his new single “Tom Tom”, adding a fresh sound to his impressive body of work. The fans are absolutely loving it!

Throughout his career, Big Chante has collaborated with many talented artists from Ghana and beyond, showcasing his commitment to his craft. His fans are excitedly awaiting his new ventures with Ashtown Records International.

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