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Blac Chyna shut downs adult content account,converts to Christianity[Video]

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Popular model and socialite, Blac Chyna has shutdown her adult content online platform OnlyFans account after converting to Christianity.

The popular model and socialite has also reversed some of her plastic surgery procedures.

On Friday, she posted a video on Instagram revealing that she was baptized on her birthday, May 11, 2022 and that all the spirits that revolved around her have left.

“on 5-11-22 ….. I was watching the video again and wanted to show you this because if you look closely at my mouth you can hear the spirits leaving my body. God is Good”.

Speaking to the Daily mail, Blac Chyna said she is now  just going by faith.“I’m not even really going by, like, the Blac Chyna way or, like, the Angela way. I’m just, like, let God lead me, trusting in God in every step that you take and not try to, like, figure it out for yourself.”

As reported by Faithwire, the celebrity, whose birth name is Angela White, told the outlet that she received help from her pastors, church family and “prayer warriors,” adding that “you just can’t do it by yourself.”

In light of her newfound faith, White asserted that she quit posting to OnlyFans, an online platform where adult content is prominently featured.

“I’m kind of past that,” she said. “It is one of those things where I did what I needed to do at that moment because of the circumstances I was in.

Besides, with me being baptized, that’s just not what God will want me to do. It’s kind of degrading.”

Watch how she was baptized below


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