BREAKING NEWS Nigel Gaisie arrested by Police for his alleged dɛath prophesy on late Rawlings (Video)


News gathered by is been alleged that, renowned man of God known as Nigel Gaisie has been invited by the Ghana Police, in relations to a prophesy circulating on Social Media, made by him on 31st of December 2019.

In the said video the man of God made it known that, before the 2020 Election commernce, Ghana will loss our ex – president, who spent many years during his tenure in office as the president of the land.

Many months after and few weeks to the election, the prophesy has come to past, in which Ghanaian statesman Jerry John Rawlings kicked the bucket on the early morning of Thursday, November 12, and this has led to lot of speculations in the country.

Watch video of how he made the prophesy in December, 2019 below: