Bring back Osagyefo Barge to Jomoro — Nzema youth appeal to Gov’t

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The youth of Nzema have appealed to the government through the Energy Ministry to revive the Osagyefo Barge Operation at Effasu in the Jomoro Municipality of the Western Region.

The Osagyefo barge Power Project was a contract and policy option pursued by the Government of Ghana to ameliorate the power shortages in the country.

Originally stationed at Effasu in the Jomoro Municipality, the power barge was moved to Tema with the explanation that it was in the wider national interest.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Patrick Ekye Kwesie, Leader of the Western Nzema Youth league noted with concern that the prestigious Osagyefo power barge had been left idle and in a very sad state.

“When it comes to revamping this barge and its proceeds, it is economically wise because of its cost-benefit related to infrastructure development. So, I say think about Ghana and reintroduce the Osagyefo power barge operations to the table.”

Mr Kwesie described the idea to have the power barge close to the Ghana Gas Company as brilliant considering how expensive it was to inject excess gas.

However, he noted further that Ghana Gas was flaring excess gas into the air because the barge has been moved to Tema though that practice was dangerous.

“Look at Ghana Gas Company in Atuabo with proximity to the Osagyefo power barge. Just imagine. There will be enough natural gas to power these turbines if we decide to switch from lite crude. Now, Ghana Gas Company has excess gas and does not have the capacity to inject so, they rather flare it in the air, which is killing us slowly,” he said.

“We asked if they were aware of its implications with regards to our hydrocarbon campaign. So, for what I know is that, one prestigious Osagyefo power barge is idle and in a very sad state,” he added.

According to the youth, it was viable and visible to revive the barge considering the demand for natural and other pentane gases in the West African sub-region, the mining, and power generation sector.

“The barge was of great significance to the system because, now, there is crude and natural gas in Jomoro with commercial viability so, we just do the right thing and tap from the various field for power generation and sale of LNG to neighbouring countries,” Mr Kwesie said

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