Home Business CalBank organises mock fire drills to improve staff customer safety readiness

CalBank organises mock fire drills to improve staff customer safety readiness

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As part of the bank’s business continuity strategy, indigenous bank, CalBank has organized a mock safety fire safety drill to improve the safety preparedness of its staff and customers.

The exercise was in collaboration Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and Ghana Ambulance Service.

The drill is expected to prepare staff and customers for eventualities such as fire outbreaks, while strengthening the bank’s resilience.

Speaking after the exercise, Chief Risk Officer, Barbra Banson said the bank is committed to ensuring staff and customer safety by educating them through such drills.

“As part of our business continuity plans, it is imperative that we continuously educate our staff on our fire protocols and procedures to enable them to respond effectively in the event of a fire”.

Head of Investor Relations, Dzifa Amegashie, said the bank will continue to organise similar exercises across all branches to improve its safety preparedness and enhance service delivery.

“It is an exercise to test our preparedness for any type of eventuality which could put the bank and customers at risk. The branches have actually gone ahead, there have been various fire drills and simulation exercises in our branches”.

“It is important all branches are equipped with the same training to ensure safety.” She added.

On the need for businesses to equip their properties with the right safety tools and procedures, District Commander for the Ministries Fire Station, DO 1 Faustina Nelson Asiedu commended CalBank for its continuous commitment in ensuring safety. 

“Calbank has been very corporative, unlike other firms. This bank takes time to ensure staff improves on their safety preparedness. You can actually see the evacuation time has since improved. They have been consistent”.

CalBank organises mock fire drills to improve staff customer safety readiness

She further called on businesses to emulate CalBank’s gesture and equip their staff and property with the needed fire safety tools and procedures.

The exercise saw the use of hydraulic ladders which was provided by the Ghana National Fire Service in evacuating staff on higher floors after the fire alarm of the building was triggered by artificial smoke created for purposes of the simulation. Fire marshals of the bank subsequently led the evacuation of staff and customers and successfully conducted a head count to make sure all were safe.

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