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Castro’s father maintains hope despite 10-year mystery

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Father of the late hip-life star Castro, Mr. Coffie Eshun, has expressed unwavering faith that his son may still be alive, despite a decade-long disappearance.

Castro, known offstage as Theophilus Tagoe, vanished along with his companion Janet Bandu during a holiday excursion in Ada on July 6th, 2014.

The incident occurred while they were jet skiing with friends, including Ghanaian football icon Asamoah Gyan. Despite extensive search efforts, their whereabouts remain a haunting mystery.

In a poignant interview on Empire FM on Sunday, July 7, 2024, Mr Coffie disclosed that he has not given up hope, citing his faith as a source of belief that his son could one day be found.

He also hinted at suspicions of foul play surrounding Castro’s disappearance.

The tragedy unfolded when the jet ski used by Castro and Janet Bandu was recovered, but the bodies of the two remained elusive despite ongoing police searches.

Under Ghana’s Evidence Act, 1975 (N.R.C.D. 323), individuals who have been absent and unheard of for seven years despite diligent search efforts are legally presumed dead. Section 33 of the Act, titled “Death after seven years absence,” states, “Where a person has not been heard of for seven years despite diligent effort to find that person, that person is presumed to be dead.

There is no presumption as to the particular time when that person died.”

Mr. Coffie Eshun’s steadfast hope amidst the legal presumption underscores the enduring mystery and emotional turmoil surrounding Castro’s disappearance, leaving many questions unanswered even after a decade.

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