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Chase Stokes & Kelsea Ballerini Are Dating, He Confirmed In Interview – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Lauren Menowitiz/Shutterstock

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini are definitely an item! The Outer Banks star, 30, confirmed the news again with a simple “mhm” when it was noted during the TODAY show that he’s dating the 29-year-old country singer. He also admitted during the Friday, March 3 appearance that he’s a big fan of his new girlfriend. “Absolutely I’m a fan,” he said when asked by Sheinelle Jones about her upcoming Saturday Night Live performance. “Yeah, who isn’t a fan?”

Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes
Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes at a Rangers game in NYC on March 2, 2023. (Lauren Menowitiz/Shutterstock )

Chase previously admitted he was dating the blonde beauty when a TMZ reporter approached him on January 17. “She’s a sweet girl and we’re having a good time,” he told the reporter. “That’s all I’ll say.” Kelsea recently admitted she’s not single.

The new confirmation comes after a flurry of sweet social media PDA pics, as well as an appearance together at the New York Rangers game on Thursday, March 2. Kelsea, meanwhile, has been taking steps to cut ties completely with ex-husband Morgan Evans. She unfollowed him via Instagram, and unloaded her relationship baggage in a series of relationship confessions over the past couple of months.

“The moment I think it was over over was I was realizing I wasn’t ready for kids,” Kelsea told Alex Cooper during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Feb. 22. “That’s a fundamental difference. I still don’t know if I want kids at all or not. That was something we had talked about early on and something I was changing on. He was ready. He was like, ‘I don’t want to be an old dad.’ And I’m like…I’m just not there yet. I can’t do this to save us. I can’t do that to myself.”

Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes
Lauren Menowitiz/Shutterstock

Morgan reacted to her confessions with a social media post, claiming that her comments were not “reality.” “It’s really sad for me to see this person, who I spent so much of my life with, and loved with all my heart, saying things that aren’t reality and that leave out what really happened,” Morgan wrote in a Feb. 21 post. “She knows I’m not the type of guy to speak on those things publicly.  If this is what she needs to heal, I hope it helps All I ask is if that you’re on my pages, please don’t be mean. Don’t be mean to Kelsea, don’t be mean to each other. Life’s too short.

He subsequently released a YouTube docuseries detailing his career and details of his relationship with Kelsea on February 28.

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