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CHÉ WULAAM brings back ‘Anadwo’ romance with spicy visuals for the long-awaited remix

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When ‘Anadwo’ made its way onto music stores in February of 2022, it was certain CHÉ WULAAM had an exciting song on his hands.

The sensual tune–an ode to frisky night-time adventures, quickly received attention from fans of the Ghanaian star, who loved its catchy melody and deeper meaning.

Fast forward to November 2023 and CHÉ WULAAM is taking the song to the next level. The ‘Pla Cebo’ crooner adds the soulful vocals of Essilfie to the tried-and-tested performance of Savaga to bring a new dimension to the long-awaited remix. And there’s an accompanying video that lays it all out.

CHÉ WULAAM brings the sensual mood of ‘Anadwo Remix’ to life under the direction of his alter ego Wulaam and co-directors Kobe Outta and Bob Marley.

The video takes viewers inside Bushman’s Cottage at 2:30 AM, where a steamy affair unfolds. The kaleidoscope of colours and dynamic shots available guarantee you won’t take your eyes off CHÉ WULAAM, Savaga and Essilfie, who deliver captivating performances.

The latter adds her girl power to the remix, bringing a new dimension and flavour that the original lacked.

If you somehow missed out on ‘Anadwo’ last year, CHÉ WULAAM gives you an even better experience to make amends.

The spicy new remix offers a tempting escape into the weekend and an opportunity to get into CHÉ WULAAM’s discography.

You can check out his “Vibeland” EP, a collaborative project between him, VIRGMOB and Young Gustavo here: https://ditto.fm/vibeland-virgmobche-wulaam-young-gustavo

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