Chilling revelations by the family of Jessica Affi Jones who was allegedly murdered last Friday

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The family of Jessica Affi Jones the young lady who was murdered by her husband after she threatened to divorce him.

Per the new information we’ve gathered, the 24-year-old woman before her death told her family and Pastor that her husband battered him, urinated into a used Don Simon pack and forced her to drink it.

She added that her husband threatened to “beat her beyond recognition”.

“This was what forced my niece to quit the marriage and insisted she would not go back to her husband even after their pastor had advised her to”, Uncle of late Jessica, Nana Ekuorba Gyasi revealed in an exclusive interview.

He noted that the Christ Apostolic Church Pastor whom Okyere Bafuor had pleaded with to help him get his wife back continue pleading with the family.

In view of that, they started speaking to late Jessica which she agreed to go back to her husband’s home.

He continued that at a meeting between the Pastor and the two families, it was agreed that the 28-year-old Bafuor had maltreated his wife and should therefore pay something in a form of consolation to her, her mother and their family.

But the late Jessica and her mother refused to collect the GH300 each Bafuor offered but other family members accepted GH200 offered them.

Nana Gyasi maintained that even though all fingers are pointed at Bafuor, he won’t be quick to accuse him of murdering his niece until a police investigation proves so.

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