College of Health Yamfo (CoHY) Students To Demonstrate Against Authorities Due To Unapproved Fees


According to students of College of Health, Yamfo, they are about to demonstrate against the school authorities amidst CVID19 due to unapproved fees.

Their reasons for this coming demonstration States that, when they compare themelves to other Colleges of health, every course or program determines its fees but to theirs is different.

The students revealed that, although the school is a government institution, but the authorities have added the cost of laboratory and other cost of projects to their fees.

Before vacations school fees was around GHC 2,735 that is before the pandemic but when school resumed, students are to pay GHC 1,985 for just a month.

The students claim they suspect scam from the side of their authorities. This is because clinicals which will not be done at the end this semester, they have been charged GHC 500 for it.
Utility bill has been increased whiles the president of the Republic has reduced it.

This is the expansion of their fees in just a month.
Library Maintenance – 100.00
General Maintenance _ 125.00
Computer Maintenance _
Course Registration _ 110.00
Sports and Entertainment _ 30.00
Semester Examination _ 300.00.
Utilities _ 200.00
SRC Dues _ 20.00
Ropat System _ 20.00
Feeding _ 300.00
Accommodation _ 180.00
Practical Material _ 500.00
TOTAL _ 1,985.
NOTE all amount is in Ghana CEDI’s.

According to them, the SRC of the school is not on their side on this issue.
Hence they plead to the Government, Ministry of Health and Education to come to their aid.