Coronavirus: Test all dead bodies from March – Biostatistician

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A Biostatistician Dr. Justice Ahetor has called on relevant health agencies to as a matter of urgency test all dead bodies since the first case of the coronavirus was recorded in the country in March.

This, in his opinion, will assist the government in controlling the spread of the virus in case they may have succumbed to the virus.

He noted that the same is done in the west.

In the US, autopsy conducted on slain George Floyd’s corpse showed that he had tested positive for Covid-19, even though he was asymptomatic.

Speaking on Starr Midday News with Regina Borley Bortey, Dr. Ahetor said “this is a critical assignment that government must take on. And when they do so it will help a lot of us because now if somebody dies, we don’t know the cause of death.”

“Assuming the person is a COVID-19 person, all those who will be around this person for funeral and other activities are also at risk.”

Meanwhile, four more people have succumbed to the coronavirus disease with Ghana’s death toll now 58, according to the Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye.

At Tuesday’s briefing, Dr. Kuma-Aboagye also revealed that Ghana’s total case count is now 12, 193 with 4,326 recoveries.


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