Date Rush: Shemima and Ali’s alleged break up is all lies – Bella ‘exposes’ them

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Shemima of Date Rush reality show took many by surprise after she took to social media Monday to lament that the love story between her and Ali has come to an end.

A tearful Shemima broke the news on her Instagram page with a video explaining circumstances that led to their separation after sparking rumours of getting married or having a bay among others.

Sharing the sad news with her fans, she disclosed that Ali had secretly been dating another lady before appearing on the reality TV show to look for another love partner.

But she only got to know about this after she started receiving warnings and threats from the supposed girlfriend of Ali to stay away from her man.


Unconvinced by the story, Shemima’s co-participant on the show, Bella, has punched holes in her claims.

While reacting to the video which was reposted by blogger Zionfelix on Instagram, Bella suggested that Shemima’s claims were just a ploy to stoke conversation and garner attention to herself.

Bella described Shemima’s supposed breakup announcement video as mere acting, wittily asking what the title of the movie is because she was interested in watching.

“Can’t stop laughing. What is the title of the movie? I want to watch [sic],” she wrote.

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