Date Rush’s Bella Does Not Think Ali And Shemima’s Break Up is For Real

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Bella of Date Rush fame is not convinced by the apparent crocodile tears Shimima shed profusely on Instagram while announcing that she and Ali’s relationship has hit a snag.

In case you are lost on this new filla, let’s fill you in. Shemima took the internet by surprise or unsurprisingly depending on your point of view on Monday when she announced sadly that the centre of her relationship with Ali could no longer hold so she’s back to square one.

She was heard saying in between her sobs thus;

“Guys, I hope everyone is doing good, it has finally ended in tears and I cannot hold my tears anymore. I have been crying all day but I just have to cope and be ok. The most painful thing about this is, you going on national television to look for love and it finally ends in tears.” She added;

“The whole world and everyone know that Shemima and Ali are dating, things are serious between them and they are cool. You know, I can’t hold my tears and I think I have to cope with whatever is going on. I’m really sad but I have to move on with my life. People have been approaching me and because we were dating I’m avoiding everyone around me and it’s very sad to hear this final”.

“It’s very very sad, I can’t hold my tears anymore and I just have to let everyone know that there is nothing going on between me and Ali, it’s over, and seriously I have regretted going on date rush. I Mima, Shemima I have regretted going to date rush. I have regretted and I know a lot of people saying when you go on a date rush it will finally end in tears, yes, mine has finally ended in tears.”

However, Bella who was also part of the Season in which Shemima and Ali featured on Date Rush has described their gimmicks as a movie and doubts the authenticity of Shemima’s claim.

See the screenshot below;


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