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DC Young Fly Talks Grief 6 Months After Jacky Oh's Sudden Death
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D.C. Young Fly, 31, continues to mourn the loss of his late partner, Ms. Jacky Oh (b. Jacklyn Smith) six months after her sudden death. The father-of-three opened up about his grief during an appearance on the Tamron Hall show on December 5. “Part of the grieving process is still — I don’t know, to this day because I’m still learning, I’m six months in,” he said of living life sans his life partner.

The “Faith and Hope” musician went on to call the grief a “forever” process. “This is a forever thing,” he added. “So I may feel differently in two years. I may feel differently in 10, but I’m just thankful that God allowed me to continue, you know what I’m saying?” The Candy Cane Lane actor also added that he feels he has a “higher purpose” in life. “I understand my calling and I understand my purpose,” D.C. said. “The calling is, you know, I’m put here on this Earth for a higher purpose, which is to entertain the world but also show the world where it’s coming from.”

D.C. admitted that he is often “numb” to death as he has experienced several losses throughout his life. “I’ve been through so much loss where it’s like emotionally, like I’m numb to death because I’m used to it since I was 16. So every death is a different reaction,” he shared. “With my cousin, I was angry. When my father died, I was at peace. When my best friend died, I was confused. Now when my girl died, I’m shocked and who is this for? See what I’m saying. Okay, now who is this for? Who is this for? Who do I have to talk to? Because this not only affects me, it affects my children. They have went through something that I ain’t even been through.”

Jacky Oh’s partner admitted that he turns to prayer to help him “continue” through life. “Prayer is a powerful thing,” D.C. added. The mother to his three little ones died on May 31 after suffering from cosmetic surgery complications, as confirmed by TMZ. The young starlet was reportedly in Miami for a “mommy makeover” which she shared in a since-deleted Instagram post. The tabloid obtained docs that revealed she underwent surgery for liposuction and what is known as a BBL.

A few days after her death, D.C. took to Instagram to pen an emotional tribute to Jacky Oh. “You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW your soul was beautiful Yu [sic] always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other!!!” he wrote in the caption. “Never had to worry about our kids loving each other cause you were on top of Dat [sic]!!! You kno [sic] we GOD fearing and we are grounded by the spirit.”

Their children include daughters Nova (b. 2016), Nala (b. 2020), and son Prince (b. July 2022).

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