Delay subtly confirms giving birth as her baby cries for attention in her new video

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There has always been the rumor that Delores Frimpong Manson aka Delay, the host of the Delay Show has given birth and keeping it secret.

Delay has never really come out to confirm or deny the rumors except giving some subtle reasons to affirm the rumor from time to time.

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Well, she has done it again. Delay posted a video a short while ago to apologize to Obrafour for the defamatory case brought against her. She also issued a disclaimer and disassociated herself from the comments from Ayisha Modi.

Now, in the background of the video, there is a clear sound from a baby crying for her attention. There were giggles and a clear sign of a baby there.


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Well, we hope Delay will finally come out and confirm to her millions of lovers that she is indeed a mother now. By the way, Delay is already flaunting her wedding ring in most of her photos online but she claims not to be married.

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