Delays in MMDCEs announcement hasn’t affected work at Assemblies

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Director of Communication (DoC) at the Office of the President Eugene Arhin has indicated that the President has insisted that his inability to announce the list of persons to occupy positions as Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) has not affected delivery at the various Assemblies.

Ghanaians are agitated that eight months into the second term of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo he has been unable to announce names of individuals to occupy the various Assemblies as MMDCEs.

Those who are complaining are worried over the fact that work at the Assemblies have been stifled as a result of the delays and uncertainty in the minds of former MMDCEs who have been asked to act.

But addressing a Press Briefing at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin indicated that the absence of the new list does not affect the work at the various Assemblies.

“The President makes the point that currently there is no vacuum at the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies because the old MMDCEs are still in office and on a day to day basis going about their respective duties.”

“So as and when he decides to make the announcement which I believe should be soon, I believe through the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development that announcement will be made”, he noted.

He, therefore, insisted “it is not hampering the works of the Assemblies at the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District levels so I dont think there should be any course for concern because work is still ongoing at the various MMDCE levels.”

Persons who have interest in the positions were taken through Regional vetting by a committee. From the regional level, qualified persons were further vetted by a committee chaired by the Local Government Minister Dan Botwe.

After the vetting process, the Dan Botwe led committee has since submitted its report to the President who is the final determinant for consideration.

The President on his recent visit to the Northern Region indicated that they are building a consensus before the list is released indicating that he has always wanted politics in the local government level be given to citizens to decide through voting.

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