Don’t ask me for money if you don’t share my music- Fameye to friends


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Fameye has sent a stern message to his friends who will do everything but support his music.

In a new video, the singer asked his friends who do not share his music never to ask him for money.

It has almost become the common song of Ghanaian artists that people don’t support their craft enough.

Fameye is the latest to reaffirm this notion and for him anyone who refuses to share his music seizes to gain any kind of benefit from him.

“If you will rather post Jay Z and Beyonce’s songs and not share my music then don’t ask me for money. I have enough but I will never give you money”, he stated.

Meanwhile, there seems to be some calm after the musician’s recent scuffle with former boss, Ogidi Brown which ended in the latter taking the matter to the traditional leaders of Antoa.


However, Fameye has cemented his status as an “A list” artist in Ghana and his talent is indisputable.

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