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“Don’t marry non-virgins, they carry curse

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Mr Logic has opined that whenever a man is ready for marriage, one must ensure he marries a virgin—a woman who is pure and unblemished.

According to him, marrying non-virgins blocks the blessings and thwarts the efforts of the union to succeed spiritually.

In a conversation with Zion Felix, Mr Logic said the spiritual significance of marrying a virgin opens doors of blessings for the man and ensures that he experiences success.

“Don’t marry non-virgins, they carry curse – Mr Logic cautions men

He added indirectly that the reason marriages are not succeeding is that men have stopped marrying virgins like their ancestors used to do, which in turn leads to several marital troubles.

According to him, every man who is ready to marry must obey the spiritual call to marry a virgin and ensure that the woman is untouched so as to ensure he experiences marital bliss.

“If possible, men must marry virgins. Marriages to non-virgins do not experience success; the chances are slim. Encourage your sons to marry virgins. The ancestors are pleased with you when you marry a virgin because they are holy and pure,” he said.

Mr Logic asserted that non-virgins have spiritual blocks based on the number of people they have been in relationships with before.

According to him, these women would continue to compare their men to their previous partners and make inferences as to whether they could continue to be in the marriage. I advise that men should marry virgins to avoid everything that could lead to divorce.

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