Dr. Sonnie Badu did not say Ghanaian youth with little credit, no lights always quick to insult on social media


A while ago, Ghana’s international asset and leader of the Rockhill Church based in Atlanta, Dr. Sonnie Badu was in the news over his comment on Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport.

According to him, ‘General Kotoka betrayed Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and was shot dead at the Airport hence, it is spiritually wrong to name the Airport after him.‘

But, his comment was blown out of proportion and caused him to be very much verbally attacked b some sections of the Ghanaian youth.

While trying to explain into detail what he meant in a live Facebook video, he was once again misquoted to have said ‘Ghanaian youth with little credit, no lights always quick to insult on social media.’

That also caused a lot of people to bash at him.

Celebrities Buzz has taken time to watch the live Facebook video and we must admit, he said nothing of that sort.

Per the video, Dr. Sonnie Badu was trying to entreat all youths to instead channel their little or more credit to positively project the name of Ghana unto the world map.

According to him, the little data could do so much good to the nation Ghana than being channeled to jabbing people on social media because Ghana has got a lot of crisis that includes frequent blackouts.

Although some people are finding fault with what he said, the majority believes his assertion holds.

You can watch the video below and listen into detailed what he said;