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E.L returns with coruscating EP “The Teacher”

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Ghanaian rapper Elorm Adablah better known as  E.L is back with a new EP titled The Teacher. The project is a testament to the Ghanaian rapper’s commitment to being more active in the scene, and it also sees him tap into his roots with seven Azonto-inspired tracks.

The EP opens with the intro track, “Intro: The Teacher,” in which E.L takes listeners on a journey through his music-making process. He then transitions to the euphoric anthem “Soba,” a cross-genre song that seamlessly blends Azonto and hip-hop.

The third track, “Who Say,” is a self-written infusion of the iconic Azonto genre with a pinch of Amapiano. The song was inspired by a magical encounter that E.L had amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Aburi Mountains.

“Eshocki” was inspired by mimosas at the poolside on a hot afternoon in Virginia. With hard-hitting African drums fused with Azonto guitar hop and a bouncy baseline, the lyrics tell a funny story.

E.L then teams up with previous collaborators Dope Nation on “Korle Bu.” The song was recorded remotely, as the famous rapper was not in the country at the time. He sent his verse to the boys, and they “made history.”

The celebrated rapper breaks away from the Azonto spree with “Chop Life,” a single he dropped earlier this year. The song is a party hip-hop tune with elements of alternative hip-hop, UK grime, and pop rap.

The EP ends with “Yalé,” which skillfully combines the street flavour of “Jama” music with the rhythmic bounce of Azonto. The song captures the essence of E.L’s high school days at Presec, where the “Jama” sound influenced his musical journey.

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