Eastwood Anaba wonders why irresponsible people live long and are not the taste of witches and wizards

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The Founder of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries Reverend Eastwood Anaba has wondered why irresponsible people in families tend to live long whiles breadwinners die early.

Delivering a sermon to his congregants, he could not fathom why witches and wizards target people who are doing so well for their families whiles the irresponsible ones continue to live.

He noted that such people are mostly healthy and even when they are sick, it does not take long for them to regain their health whereas responsible people cannot stand onto their feet and can be sick for several years.

Citing examples of persons he deems irresponsible, he mentioned drunkards and lotto stakers as some of the members of the family who are not useful to the family and society at large yet live incredibly long.

“The witches will kill the breadwinner and the drunkards will be walking about. And how drunkards can live long? Drunkards and lotto stakers, they will collapse and will be taken to the hospital, they will come back. They go into coma for 10 weeks and return. The good man in the family, when he goes down once, he doesn’t get up again,” he stated.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021

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