Edem tags Edemfest 2019 ‘Year of Return’ to bring all Ghanaians to their root


The music industry has recently witnessed an upsurge of concerts and events being organized by several artistes in their neighborhood to give back to the fans and show appreciation for their unwavering support over the years.

One of such events is Edemfest which is spearheaded by the Volta Regime Music Group led by award winning Ewe Rapper, Edem held annually at Keta.

Edemfest as an annual event was recently rewarded by Ghana Events Awards as the best regional events programme in 2018 for their outstanding achievement.

Edem in a celebrity interview with Central Music Awards 2019 Best Presenter Nominee, Amansan Krakye, of Radio Central fame in Cape Coast said,

“This year’s event is titled as Edemfest 19 Year of Return. We decided to settle at the Aborigines beach because the last time we had it on the streets, the whole Keta was choked with thousands of people all over the place.

“When we say year of return it doesn’t only mean that foreigners in diaspora are coming back to Ghana.

“It also means we as Ghanaians going back to our roots, eating our local foods, wearing our traditional clothes, speaking our indigenous languages and being proud of where we come from”.

When Edem was asked if government had contacted him for his efforts in promoting the year of return as a showbiz personality, he said

“As of now nobody from the Ministry of Tourism or government representative has called us to look at how they can support we those in the music industry who are using our ingenuity to project the country positively to both indigenes and outsiders.

“I’m not afraid to speak the truth with the mindset that I will be stigmatized as someone who belongs to the opposition party or being insulted for criticising politicians, the truth is like a bitter pill but heals the sick”.

On Friday 1st of November 2019, all roads lead to Keta in the Volta Region to witness some electrifying performances from Edem himself alongside BET award winner Sarkodie, the rap sofour aka Obrafour, Abeiku Santana, a surprise guest artiste and many more thrilling entertainers.