Home News Election 2024: Young Women present policy to political parties on employability

Election 2024: Young Women present policy to political parties on employability

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By Akosua Frema Frempong

The She Leads Girls, Young Women and She Leads Ghana Consortium have submitted proposals to political parties to create avenues to enhance the skills and employability of young women.

The political parties are to integrate in their manifestos, the introduction of internship and apprenticeship programmes specifically tailored for young women in various sectors, including technology, healthcare and mentorship opportunities.

The policy proposals were submitted at a media literacy and advocacy training organized by Plan International Ghana and partners for girls and young women, media stakeholders, political parties and civil society organization partners in Accra.

According to the girls and young women activists, as the political parties gear up for the December general elections, it was imperative to provide them with a policy proposal to effectively address the challenges faced by girls and young women in the country.

In the area of education, the activists admonished the political parties to implement targeted initiatives to improve access to quality education for girls, including scholarships, mentorship programmes and infrastructural development in underserved areas.

They also encouraged the political parties to promote, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education among girls through specialized training programmes and incentives for schools that encourage female participation in those fields.

On employment, the political parties were tasked to encourage entrepreneurship among young women by providing access to start-up capital, business development training and mentorship opportunities. The activists urged the political parties to strengthen reproductive health services and provide sanitary facilities and accessible sanitary products, including the removal of taxes on imported sanitary products.

On leadership, the activists entreated the political parties to promote girls’ participation in decision-making processes at all levels of society, including school councils, community boards and political forums, to cultivate leadership skills.

Madam Rachael Amoah, Deputy TESCON Coordinator, Greater Accra Region, who represented the New Patriotic Party at the function, said she would forward the policy proposal to the appropriate quarters for the necessary attention.

“Be rest assured that your petition is in good hands and it will get to the right quarters for it to be addressed. As we are activists, please the leadeship should encourage the girls and young women to take up leadership roles at that stage to groom them for higher positions when they enter into the tertiary,” Madam Racheal Amoah advised.

The She Leads Girls and Young Women and the She Leads Ghana Consortium comprises Plan International Ghana, Defense for Children International Ghana, Women Aspire Network and Hope for future Foundation, Songtaba Community Aid for Rural Development, Rights and Responsibility Initiatives Ghana and Erudite Women Empowerment Network.

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