Eliminating Palmer from GFA presidential race was wrong


Sports News of Sunday, 10 November 2019

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

play videoIbrahim Saanie Daara, former Ghana Football Association Communication Director

Ibrahim Saanie Daara, a former Ghana Football Association Communication Director, has stated that it was wrong and unjust to disqualify Wilfred Osei Palmer from the GFA presidential race.

Sympathizing with Mr Palmer, Daara said the former aspirant was treated unfairly. He also mentioned that the processes within the association was not applied hence his dismissal.

“I don’t think Palmer was treated right. I think the processes within football should have been applied…”

Wilfred Osei Palmer, Executive Director of Tema Youth, was among six other candidates vying for the position of the Ghana Football Association president.

However, during the process, the Normalization Committee acting as the Election Committee found him to have breached regulations on ethics and mandatory payments to the GFA in relation to player transfers.

When the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association rejected the appeal filed by Palmer over his disqualification from the GFA election, he filed a petition at the Court of Arbitration for Sport but his appeal was rejected.

Speaking in an interview on GhanaWeb’s TV Sports Check with Daniel Oduro, Mr Daara indicated that in an attempt to work towards achieving a common national goal, individuals in the GFA must avoid the mistakes of the past.

He urged the new administration to right the wrongs in the FA in order to avoid people undermining the goals the country has set out to achieve.

“So I think this new generation or era have the opportunity to right what I thought was wrong by the Normalization Committee… Let’s not tear the country apart, this is where agitation starts. Where the entire country is working towards one goal and you find a few people trying to undermine that goal…. I think it is important that we bring the family together and let people see that Kurt is just the leader but all of us have got a stake to play in making this reign successful,” Daara said.

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