Even Satan will not beg to stay in Ghana – Blakk Rasta

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Zylofon FM radio presenter Blakk Rasta has stated that Ghana is of the view that Ghana is the real definition of hell the good book of Christian has been talking about.

According to the reggae musician, Ghana is the real hell adding that Satan who is considered to be the father of hell won’t even beg to stay in the country.

He made this bombshell statement on his Zylofon Radio Drive show, in which he lashes out at the country’s leaders for doing little to help common citizens.

In his submission, he made mention that politicians reap what they have not sown, while citizens are forced to work hard in the land.

“You (our politicians) are our leaders but you behave as if the country belongs to you. You allow Ghanaians to do the hard work in the country and you sit somewhere and think of how you are going to make yourselves richer. You treat Ghanaians like slaves. We are tired of this”, he said.

The radio personality has been bashing the Nana Addo administration for failing to leave up to expectations despite the fact that he promised the citizens not to repeat the mistakes of what the previous government did.

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