FIFA to compensate clubs as Bayern München lead the pack

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FIFA will be spending 220 million dollars on clubs around whose players would be playing in the 2022 World Cup.

This comes as a form of compensation to clubs who have released their players to represent their Countries.

FC Bayern Munich of Germany would be the highest earners after producing 17 players for the Mundial. Barcelona, Manchester United and Manchester City all follow with 16 players each.

Al Saad of Qatar leads the Asian pack with 15 players even ahead of European giants Real Madrid with 13 players.

Clubs would earn some good money from the World Football governing body as a form of compensation for training and releasing of their players to the various national teams.

Moreover, the Clubs that would have their players appearing at the final game would earn a total of $290,000.

FIFA’s financial budget reveals each day brings a club $10,000.The least a club would get is $130,000 as players are expected to spend 13 days during their group games.

In total 298 clubs across the World would be beneficiaries of this FIFA compensation.

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