Find Out Secrets on why Fante People are still keeping their gods & Founders Statues at Mankessim (Video)


Although there are many ethnic groups in Ghana, the Fante group who form part of the Akan Ethnic Group have also played a very significant role in the history of Ghana.

The town known as Mankessim in the Central Part of Ghana, has a played a major role in the lives of all Fantes in the Country.

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By the beginning of the nineteenth Century, the Fante Kingdom consisted of seventeen Kingdoms, in which most of these founders lived in Mankessim.

Up till date, when you make a visit to Mankessim, you will find  lot of significant statues of their great leaders who played a massive role for the foundation of the Fante Confederation.

The three names of great warriors who founded the Kingdom include Obunumankoma, Odapagyan and Oson, in which their statues can still be found in the town.

In a video already trending on Social Media on Ebo Safo TV Channel on YouTube, was revealed all the mysteries surrounding the statues of the gods and founders of the Fante States.

When Ebo Safo together with his team visited the town, it was made known the Fante great god in Mankessim known as Eyan Acqua, who had seven head, and fourteen eyes who protected his people from the ancient times till date.

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Click on link below to watch full video of mysteries surrounding statues built in Mankessim dated in 1891.

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