#FixTheCountry: Give our members jobs so they pay tithe


Head Pastor of the Evangelical Methodist Church at Asylum Down, Accra, has called on Government to fix the country by providing jobs for his congregants so that they can fulfil their monetary commitments to the church such as offerings and tithes.

For him, the unemployment crisis in the country is taking a toll on the church as many are unable to pay their tithes to the church.

Speaking passionately as he protested on the streets of Accra, the Pastor lamented the poor financial standing of his members due to prevailing circumstances in the country.

“Nowadays when our church members come to church, they can’t give offering; they can’t pay their tithes because all our members are broke.

There are no jobs in this country. That is why I have joined this demonstration [ to ask the government to provide jobs for the members],” he said.

Hundreds of people, especially young people have taken to the streets of Accra to call on the powers that be to fix the country.

What started as a social media protest has resulted in massive protests on the streets of Accra, calling on the government to address key issues bedevilling the country.

Convenors had to face off opposition from the government before they were finally given the chance to protest on the streets.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021

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