Foolish girls, I would deal with you – Mugabe warns Tracey Boakye and others

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Radio personality Mugabe Maase has issued a strong warning to Tracey Boakye, Mzbel and other dragging the name of fmr. President John Dramani Mahama in their fight.

According to Mugabe who is a staunch member of the opposition NDC, they (NDC) are working around the clock to make sure the party comes to power in the next elections and all that Tracey and her cohorts do is to drag John Mahama in their fight.

The Power FM Radio host stated that they are making noise because they are alive but when they are died they wouldn’t get the chance to talk about uselessly about John Mahama.

He angrily said: “You are worrying us. You these girls, this is your last time. Foolish girls, I would deal with you. We would make sure you die. If you have started having sex don’t come and worry us”

Mugabe in his conclusion stated that they are fools for coming out openly to name whoever they are sleeping with.

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